Salman Khan

These Guys Aasma Group just they are right now which is Dor dorke. Le le maza le is the song she had done with me and did a very good job in the song. Give her a very big hand.

Farah Khan

"ADC  dancers are outstanding performers. I love to watch them. They fulfill my idea of a true aesthetic experience."

Vidya Balan

I watched Aasma performance yesterday & I was thrilled to know that they perform some of my songs. I think they done a fab job. I just wished them all the very very best. Great going.

Sharmaan Joshi

Hello everyone. We are with Aasma group. They give us performance at the opening ceremony and which is exceptional performance. Make me feel very proud. So thankful it was a great performance & see you.

Boman Irani

"Amazing! I see many dance performances and I was very impressed! This was my first time seeing ADC. I will definitely come back and spread the word! Choreography was very innovative and I loved the costumes and the lighting!"

Anil Kapoor

I love AASMA Dance Company - they are one of my very favorite groups and I see a lot of modern dance."